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Miami Wedding Photographers

My name is Travis Harris, and I am a Miami Wedding Photographer & Educator who offers a very polished and refined brand of photography.  My style has been described over the years as:

            "Sexy, Chic & Stunning"

The images I create reflect a consistency of excellence that is founded by my commitment to “be better than I was yesterday” and my “5 pillars of success”.  My work has been published in countless magazines, popular blogs and attracts the attention of not only my amazing clients, but many photographers from around the world who look to my brand as an inspiration and a beacon for success.  I invite you to learn more about me, my story and to explore my portfolio and blog!


 Wedding Photographers in Miami

There are many Wedding Photographers in Miami to choose from, and I am very proud to stand in a class all of my own.  Eight years ago I started my business and went fulltime.  Since then I have had the pleasure of shooting over 300 weddings and countless other shoots.  While this experience is impressive all on its own, it’s the refinement of that experience that matters most and directly benefits you as my client.  No other Miami Wedding Photographer is going to have my personality, technical abilities and proven “frameworks” in place to ensure client expectations are always exceeded.


A Miami Wedding Photography Experience

It all starts here.  Right here on my website.  You can see all of the impressive shots in my portfolio ( each photo containing a caption that explains all of the important aspects that went into making it, often filled with helpful tips. ) You can watch hours of videos of myself in action at many of the weddings and shoots that I have done ( aimed to provide you with the most immersive experience possible, showing you what the working dynamics are like with me, my personality and what to expect ).  You can head over to my blog to see full wedding spreads, more content and read all about the stories of my clients and what goes into the back end of all that I do.  You will find several educational posts aimed at clients so you can get the most from your wedding day, including a 10 video mini series on the things that you will likely never think of.  You will find video interviews with other Miami Wedding Vendors and learn why I think they are great, and you can watch my very popular video "Risk, Regret, Reward" which is the 17-min sit down interview with me on the biggest turning point of my life.  I talk about how I got started, where I came from and some of the things I have had to overcome.  I am very humbled to have inspired thousands of others to follow their dreams just as I have done.  Get a tissue ready ;-)


A special note to all of my clients

I thank all of my wonderful clients for your support, your trust, and inviting me into your lives.  I have stood there at hundreds of weddings, next to you while you said your vows to one another.  I have looked over and seen the look of pure happiness on your mother, and fathers faces sitting in the front row.  I have shown some of you how to tie a tie when time was running out.  I have been with a bride, who’s mother could not come to the wedding, and we walked around with an iPad streaming live video because cancer took her life just days later.  I have gotten people to “smile” and relax on camera, who otherwise never would because of my personality alone.  I have held umbrellas to protect your fancy.  I have made an illegal U-turn to go back and pick you up when your rented 1930’s Rolls Royce stopped working and no one else was around.  I have seen your father cry, uncontrollably during your first dance.. and then I have wiped away my own tears behind the camera.  I have given the “video guy” an extra memory card, because his bag was too far away to keep the ball rolling.  I have ruined a $500 light because I knew that getting the shot was worth it, even if it was raining.  I have pretended to take a picture of someone else, when I was really waiting for you to look away.  I have taught you where to place your arms, how to stand and how to look as sexy as possible in that dress.  I have stood at my very own wedding, watching as my wife entered the church and everyone in the world that I cared about stood up as our lives were about to change.  I know what that feeling is like, and what it means to capture it.  The truth is, I really don’t have very many “clients” at all.  I just have one very large family that grows each year.  Word’s can’t possibly express how much it means to be apart of all of your lives.  I am so proud to call all of you friends and family.

"My photography has been a “magic carpet ride” that has taken me on the most incredible adventures, and is the one thing that has allowed me to witness and take part in some of the most beautiful moments that I will ever see in my life."

I am so happy.  Thank You all so much.