National Hotel Miami Weddings
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National Hotel Miami Weddings

I can't say too much about the National Hotel Weddings, I have only shot one.  But, it was a very nice one and this shot really says it all!  Check out this dip shot I did of my wedding clients along side of the pool!  I was able to get my camera low enough to pickup on the reflection in the water too!

 You want to know something.. this was in fact one of my first "wow" shots as a wedding photographer.  This image was taken in 2011, and it was my first full year of weddings and I was on a mission to create shots that would be better then anything else in the market place.  I was dedicated to my style with lighting, and here I am 7 years later still looking at it, and in love.  It's incredible that this image is still apart of my portfolio today.  I would venture to say that most all Miami Wedding Photographers are not showing images from when they first started.  Why?  Because they generally are pretty crappy, and filled with mistakes that they had to learn through years, and years of experience.   To be clear, I too have had to learn a whole heck of a lot.. but, you can tell that my core foundation, and style as not changed at all, and I have only continued to refine my skill set as a photographer.  I am really proud of that fact.


Location: 1677 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.