Spanish Monastery Wedding Photos
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Spanish Monastery Wedding Photos

Check out this super sexy shot I did for my bride on her wedding day.  Although you can't go wrong with Spanish Monastery Wedding Photos, this one is really on another level and is why I have showcased it here.  Let's start with the pose.  This is what makes this a very sexy shot, and it's not all that complicated... it's just very specific.  To create the stance, I have instructed her to bend the camera side leg up (shoe on toe) and point that foot off to the left. This is what gives that sharp line in her wedding dress.  This alone establishes the "framework" for the rest of the pose.  Next, I need to get her to lean towards the camera position.  This ensures that her face and bust are close to the camera, and her waist and hips are away from the camera.  This is how you control "making people look slim" on camera. (how many times do you think I have been asked by someone to make them look slimmer.. well.. listen up!).  Her arm I brought up to interact with the veil, and I wished that I had caught that I got the back of her hand vs. the profile of it.. this would have made this shot even more perfect.. but, never the less.. The other hand is totally hidden by the flowers.  Lighting here was an off camera flash used camera left, and another light used camera right to give some sharp detail to her veil!   

I love the Ancient Spanish Monastery


Location: 16711 Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160.