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When you think of Luxury Miami Wedding Photographers, I's very much my "style" of work that comes to mind for many of my clients.  Now, this of course is not the "norm" for all shots taken on the wedding day, but this...

This is a very “artistic” shot and to be clear… I also take all the “traditional” shots on the wedding day too LOL.  It’s just that one or two where I think I can make something extra special or really stand out.  For shots like this to happen many things need to kinda fall into place… I need the right client that will appreciate something like this, I need some time to “come up with the shot”, and it most importantly needs to all make sense in some way.  Here, I shot this at the Addison Reserve Country Club on the wedding day.  My bride Natalie, did not want to go outside at all on the wedding day because it was extremely hot, and humid (can’t blame her either).  I was in a position where I needed to come up with something creative, as most of the truly great shots that I had in mind were all outside LOL.. so, I look over and I saw this image in my head.  I saw the painting, and the light that was shining down.  I then took Natalie, and posed her in a way that would give an “excuse” for her to look up, so that the light would hit her face.  The dress, now had hard shadows on it (which is the goal) to show texture, and dimension.  The chairs I deliberately left in the frame to provide some foundation and symmetry.  The result is undeniably stunning.  Even the light shape (rain drop) “pouring down” is very artistic.  Natalie loved this image and I plan to enter this into photo competitions.


Location: 7201 Addison Reserve Blvd Delray Beach, Florida 33446.