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Unique Biltmore Wedding Photos

I love this shot of David looking at the wedding dress for so many reasons, and has become one of the most Unique Biltmore Wedding Photos ever taken.  Honestly, it’s become one of my favorite wedding images ever.  Not only do we have the wedding dress and David, but also the flowers are sitting on the table as well.  It is a great “flow” of imagery that leads the viewer to wonder what David is thinking about.  Perhaps he is thinking about his new life that he is about to start?  Perhaps he is thinking of how incredible Leslie is going to look in her dress?  No one but David really knows for sure.  It's a very "unexpected" shot to see at any wedding, and one of the reasons I think it's so popular within my brand.  Ironically, to spite all the comments I get from this shot I have yet to re-create it for any other clients.  So, if this is in fact a shot that you want, then please let me know and we can do it for you too (well try too LOL).  This is a great shot for a wedding album, and when you start to think about how this all can come together as a layout it becomes even more clear how unique this really is.

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Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.