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Biltmore Hotel Wedding Photos Miami

Let's take a look at some stunning Biltmore Hotel Wedding Photos.  We will start with this one of my clients Leslie and David.  Before I start talking about this shot itself, let me just talk about the Biltmore Hotel for Weddings.  This place is incredible, and one of my all time favorite venues for a wedding.  There are so many places to go, so many different photo possibilities that it's impossible to not walk away with some solid content. Even in the rain, there are many covered sections to this hotel that support some stunning images.  When your looking for the "best" Wedding Venue in Miami the Biltmore Hotel should be on your short list hands down.

Now, onto this shot...Leslie is wearing her beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress and I have them posed just outside of the hotel driveway.  It maybe hard to see, but there is a water fountain directly behind them and made for a nice soft background.  I wanted a pose that showed Leslie's figure, and was very careful where I placed her arm.  So, I decided to give the "excuse" and have her hold the flowers downwards, and this kept her arm off her body and this was important because it creates that small section of space between her arm and body.  Now, I have several shots taken from this same location, this one I just wanted to show off the dress, and details.  To do this, I have them facing each over in a loving way and have their eyes shut.  This disconnects from the viewer (you) and allows you to easily see the dress and other aspects of the shot without being distracted by the people in the shot.


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.