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I will bet anything that none of the other Cooper Estate Wedding Photographers have a shot like this in their portfolio.  If they do, it's because they saw my shot, and went and tried to copy it LOL.   The Cooper Estate in an incredible Wedding Venue in Miami, and this is a shot of the getting ready room there.  (bridal suite).  Pretty nice huh!  When I got there all I could think about was HOW can I get as much of this room in the shots as possible!  It was so beautiful, and I wanted to do my best to retain the mood, and intimacy that was present.  So, I decided to give this idea I had a try.  I took the wedding dress, and hung it in the far away corner of the room.  Then, to "pop it out" I used one off camera light, outside aimed through a window at the dress.  This allowed me to stand where I took the shot, and use a nice wide lens to really capture the whole room.. YET.. still have a splash of contrast with the wedding dress hanging in the back ground.  This was a very clever use of the space, and I think one of the most unique shots I have ever seen taking at this property.

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Location: 14201 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33032.