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Wedding Day Photos in Miami

This Wedding Day Photo in Miami has it all...  Beautiful clients, beautiful light, and is telling a little story all at the same time!

I shot this gorgeous image of my bride as she was walking to her man.  It was done in all natural light with my 85mm 1.2 L lens.  I was shooting pretty “wide open” at f/2, and dialed in a super fast shutter to prevent any blurred images.  This was not a “first look” or anything like that.. it was literally just something I came up with on the spur of the moment while at the reception.  I looked out the window while best man had just finished his speech, and noticed… the.. light.   I just needed a few seconds with them, and I knew I could get something really nice.  Notice in the image (below), that I have captured a flattering frame of the bride walking.. her leg is crossed over the other and this made for a very sexy “walk”.  It was nothing that I needed to “pose”, it is something that happens naturally, I just needed to ensure I was paying attention to the details, and pushed the shutter at the right moment.  This is actually a really good take away for any photographer reading this.. when you shoot a women walking, pay attention to the legs.  You want to capture the shots where the leg (camera side leg) is closest, and is crossed over the other one.  Sometimes I will remind brides / women to pay attention to how they walk to ensure I get this chance,  When you are able to capture the leg crossed over the other in action, it creates a VERY flattering line that everyone will love.

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Location: Downtown Miami, FL.