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If I were to pin point my "ideal" client, she would be wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin's on her wedding day.  Sexy, chic, and elegant all in the same breath.  Yeah, a pair of these bad boys and a nice wedding dress to match, and your set!  You can also rest assure that I will get some stunning shots of them.  The shoes alone, the shoes on you, and even use the shoes for a shot like this!  Check this out!   I decided to use the sole of the shoes as the backdrop for the rings!  This was a very creative, and also a pretty meaningful shot (after all the rings are on the shoes that the bride will wear, and are special to her) so it all works in that regard.  I also take images of the rings on the hand too, as I also think that is very important, but you get the idea.  The point is options.  I give people many photographic options when shooting the wedding day and this is one example of that.

The shot itself was done with two off camera lights, and very careful position of them in order to control the highlights, and shadows. It took several shots, but finally I was able to bring to life the idea that I had in my head and here it is.

The bride LOVED this, and I did too.


Shot at the Epic Hotel

Location: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131.