Hyatt Regency Miami Wedding photos
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Hyatt Regency Miami Wedding photos

I had the pleasure of capturing this stunning Hyatt regency Wedding Photo, and this was taken in my very favorite room in the hotel.  In fact, I love this hotel so much I have even made a little video explaining why.  You can check that 60 second video out here:

If you care to see the full version of this video, and get to really know the hotel you can head on over to my blog post here, that talks all about it.

The thing that makes this specific image stand out, is the pose and the lighting.  Let me touch on both quickly.  First, the lighting was a pretty simple setup of one off camera speedlite.  This was used on a small stand off camera left (out of the frame) and this provided the "rim" light to my subject.  This is also what brings out the amazing texture on the wall, and make the pattern come to life a bit.  The "main"  light is actually just a nearby window camera right, and is why she is turned that way.  I shot this from across the room with my 200mm telephoto lens to compress down as much of the wall as possible, and to bring her into sharp focus.  The pose is basic, yet very controlled.  Notice the small space between her arms on each side?  This is very important to help define her figure.

Another aspect of this Hyatt Regency Wedding Photo that I wanted to speak about, is the "details".  By details, I am talking about the wedding day details that all photographers shoot on the wedding day.  I have made an entire blog post about this topic, and is very interesting.  I go on to speak about the importance of shooting wedding day details, and challenge myself to not do it "statically".  Meaning, I feel there is so much more opportunity to get more meaningful shots on the wedding day, and ways to showcase all of the static details when they are on the bride vs. sitting on a table top etc.

You can also check out this video here, this is a talk that I did on this very topic, and I show the images along the way :-)

Location: 50 Alhambra Plaza Coral Gables, Florida, USA, 33134.