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Biltmore Ballroom Wedding

I love Biltmore Ballroom Weddings, but whats even more impressive, are the regular rooms they can offer you!   Oh, but this is no "regular room" no, no.. this is the "Merrick Suite" and is the nicest room in all of Coral Gables.  

Ah yes, here we go.  This is me putting everything together as I see it.  First, I have the “backlit” shot I want of Marjorie standing in front of the door / window.  I then created “shape” to the dress with her lower body / legs / hips.  Then, I posed her arms so that they were not distracting at all, and created a very symmetric look.  This is slightly mimicked with the large curtains above if you look close.  I had to open the door to create some “breathing space” for her head, otherwise it would have been competing for attention with the frame work of the windows.  I got low so that I could get the top of the archway, and at the last min I had my assistant pull the glass table over to me (which I had to practically lay under to get this shot), and then finally I bought the veilright up close to the lens.  The first frame looked great, and then I was sure to “line up” the horizon line (outside) with the window frame on the door.  This ensured that the shot was straight (I could not breath crunched up under that table) and that it would not be distracting.  It’s worth mentioned that the glass table “mirror” trick, while very artistic also “hides” some of the not so great looking part of the floor.  This, in my opinion is not something I want to really show.  Lastly, for my client they got a few frames without the table, just in case they for some reason would not have liked this image   Oh, all of this.. took place in less then 3 min.  Moving that glass table (and putting it back) was the hardest part for us.

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Biltmore Hotel


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.