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Boca Wedding Photos

There I am in the grooms room at the Boca Resort with the guys “getting ready” Some still needed to finish up, and I saw all of these nice items and thought, lets make a magazine ad!    First (above) I took everything and put it together on a glass table.  I then exposed the camera for the outside, and used a simple off camera flash to light it.  Then, the groom told me how much his watch cost, and how important it was to him.. and decided to take one of just that (below) LOL.  On that watch shot.. notice that nice warm tone on the band?  Yes, I actually used two lights to get this.  The “rim” light was gelled CTO 1/1.

Although many of the shots that I take are complicated in terms of the setup and lighting, rest assure that all of this happens in just a few seconds on the wedding day.  I realize that there is very little time to do anything truly complex, and is why I think I take so much pride in many of the shots that I do in fact show, and is why I talk all about them here.  I know how hard this stuff can be, and I also know that very VERY few wedding photographers will have the ability to make shots of this caliber on the wedding day.

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Watch shot:

Location: 501 East Camino Real Boca Raton, Florida 33432.