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We had just wrapped up a ton of different Spanish Monastery Wedding Photos of this couple, and then it started to pour rain!  My first thought was "we need to go inside", but..

Then..Eli, (bride) was not even close to being worried about it.  In fact, I she was joking around with me that “we should get some shots in the rain”.  Well… talk about trusting me. I said.. “okay, lets do it”.  We ALL got soaked, thankfully I was able to shoot all of this “natural light”, and my Pro camera (Canon 1DX) is water proof.  I started with them walking in the rain (see blog post). and then worked up to this more styled shot of them in the rain.  It was an incredible, sexy, fantasy shot all in one.  What a brilliant idea, and what a daring bride.  She knew what she wanted, and did not care to get wet.  If she's willing to do that, then I am willing to get wet with her to make something worth getting wet for like this.

AND.. if your wondering.. yes, she went back to the reception all wet like this.. and guess what? NO ONE cared.  It was incredible.  She was one bride who got her cake, and got to eat it too ;-) (pun intended).

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Location: 16711 Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160.