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Even if you attend the very Best Epic Hotel Weddings, (or any wedding for that matter) it's not enough to simply capture nice shots.  No.  The photographer needs to think through all of the content and plan on how this will all come together to tell the "story" of the wedding day.  This becomes critical when you start thinking about a blog post (visit this weddings full blog post here).  

In one room, we have Mark getting ready.  I basically came into the room, set the “stage” for images, and moments to happen by controlling the lighting, and then let him get ready with very little input from me.  In this shot (left), I love how it is “real” and at the same time looks like a magazine ad. 


Alyssa (right), who was getting ready in another room of the hotel just looks very elegant in her wedding dress.  The warm tones, and “soft” manner in which this image was taken just strikes me.  The dress itself is also very striking because it is so simple, soft, and elegant.


The real magic is when you pair the images together just as I have here.  Now, it start to all make more sense, and you can just see how this would then look in a wedding album.  There is a level of consistency here that is truly unmatched by most photographers.

You can also check out the Epic Hotel here.


Location: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131.