Bride at Hotel Colonnade
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Bride at Hotel Colonnade

Here is my Bride at Hotel Colonnade, and here is how I am showcasing all of the detail shots.  I am pairing two images together so that you can get an idea of how this looks in terms of "practical application" (i.e. a wedding album). Notice.. the flowers, her rings, Her ear rings, the veil, and of course the dress.  They all are very clear in these shots.  Part of that is because I have instructed Julie to look down, and not make any contact with the camera.  This then allows you to "check out" the details without distraction from her making connection with you in the shot.

Now, a lot of wedding photographers tend to shoot all of the "detail" items statically (alone, sitting on a table etc.)  I think this is just because this is where everyone starts out.  It takes real confidence, and experience to pose the bride to do it this way.  In the end, I feel shots like this just have way more meaning, and always end up getting picked over the static version of the same detail item.  You could argue.. that you could just go to the manufactures website and download a static shot of the same detail item, and use this too.  What would be the difference?  This is why I feel all of this makes more sense ON YOU :-)

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Location: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.