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My story

Risk, Regret, Reward. The turning point of my life.

You're looking to possibly hire me to tell your story, so please allow me a few moments to tell some of mine..

and..... now, I wake up every morning in bed to “Curious George” on TV, and my 3 year old son Austin, scuffling the covers to gain traction to climb in so he can snuggle up with me while my wife finishes getting ready to head out to work. I roll over, and put my head in his little lap and let him pat me like a dog in excitement, as he watches his favorite show. I know once I hear that hairdryer stop, it’s time for me to get up and start my day. That few minutes of laying there in peace with him is priceless and it’s the only part of the day where my mind is not sleeping or “working”. The second I get up, kiss my boy and wife goodbye for the day and I grab my phone from the nightstand to check my messages on the way to the shower, I am only focused on one thing until I go to sleep that night…

"To be better then I was yesterday. A better father, a better husband, a better entrepreneur, a better educator, and a better photographer."

My name is Travis Harris, and I am a professional, full-time wedding photographer & educator based in Maimi, FL available for worldwide travel. It’s not enough to “love” photography, or to “have a passion” for it. So many people love photography, and are very passionate about it… that… are also not very successful. To be a successful, full-time photographer I must wear many, many different “hats” everyday that go well beyond anything photographic. The dynamics of running a successful business is where the “real” challenge comes into play, and I work very, very hard each and everyday to ensure that I stay ahead of the curve. The reward comes in the way of being able to go out and create images for all the people that support my efforts, and connect with my style. This allows me to not only be the person that I have always wanted to be, but to also have a truly for-filling career doing something that one day, my own son can take part in (if he wants to of course). Photography, now after eight years of doing full time represents a “lifestyle” for me, one in which I could never imagine my life without.

The 5 Pillars of my success

#1. COMMUNICATION - It’s not just important. It’s required inside of the “wedding dynamic.” You can expect a very direct, upfront, and honest style of communication from me, no matter what the situation calls for. I respect the trust that my clients give me, and in return I ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times. You can count on me to speak up, take control and ensure the end results will be amazing.

#2. EXPECTATIONS - A solid, consistent, repeatable “framework” to support your every expectation. I leave nothing to chance, and produce a beautifully tailored photography master plan that encompasses every minute of the day. Every detail, every logistic, every concern is totally put to rest. Give me your trust, and I will exceed your expectations.

#3. SIMPLICITY - I keep everything that I do very simple, and very straight forward. No silly “packages” based on time that can lead to disappointment are offered. I charge one flat rate, and I rock out the full wedding day. This allows me to work inside of my proven “framework”, exceed expectations and just be the best version of myself that I know. My client’s love this, and you will too.

#4. WORKFLOW - My data processing workflow has been published by the world’s most popular photography blogs and has inspired ten’s of thousands of photographers worldwide to become better at what they do. I turn FULL weddings around in just days, not weeks, or months. A real testament of me being able to create my results in the camera vs. having to do any gimmicky edits after the fact. This means you get solid, consistent results immediately after the wedding.

#5. PERSONALITY - Outgoing, funny, charismatic and very confident in any situation. My personality is the tool that I use most to get results for my clients. The things I say, the way I say them, and the timing of my actions all play a role in my work. This is the true art form that I bring to the table. It’s not the images, it’s my personality. The images are just the end result.