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Bridal Photo Shoots in Miami are some of my favorite things to do period.  Getting a good team together, setting up a collaboration with clients, and drafting out what the results will look like.. all of this gets me going like you would not believe.  This (for me) is the departure of “photography” and it becomes so much more about producing.  The photography then is only one aspect, and this then becomes the “project”.  This is where I really shine, and I source my experience from all of the modeling shoots I have done in the past to make this level of creative content.

A styled shoot like this is an example of where you can get the absolute most from my technical abilities as a Miami Wedding Photographer.

As a matter of fact, something for you to consider would be to do a post wedding shoot like this with me, and my team.   This way, you can get so much more content that would never normally be possible on the wedding day! 

Styled Miami Wedding Photos  

Shots like this from Danielle and Jareau's post wedding shoot would never have been possible on the wedding day itself.  So, we did another session on a different day.   This also took a TON of the stress away from the wedding day, and allowed them to keep things very traditional (did not do a first look), yet still be able to get a ton of content, even more so then would have been possible even with a "first look".  So, this has a real value and is something every bride should think about, especially if she wants to get the most from my abilities.

Watch me in ACTION!

Vizcaya Wedding Photos

Another example of this was with Annie & Ryan.  They actually hired another Miami Wedding Photographer (shame on them) and they hated the results.  So, they did some searching and found me.  I then took them out, and WE ROCKED THIS SESSION.  Just look at all the amazing shots we got, and added to their wedding day images.  Again, this kind of thing is never possible on the wedding day!