Wedding at the Kampong Miami
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Wedding at the Kampong Miami

More fun at the Kampong… this time, I wanted to create a dynamic “fun” shot of the two of them. A Wedding at the Kampong in Miami is the best!  

So often, people can be too “serious” in images so I always try and get a good balance of shots in an actual wedding day.  This is a good example of that (above).  Looks easy right?  Not a chance.  Here was the entire “creative process” that took maybe 4min to shoot…  First, I found the exact spot where I wanted them to walk and started them at the top of the path.  Then, on the first take I had them hold hands, and looking at each other walking along.  It was “good” but, I knew I could do better.. and.. I wanted to show Amy’s shoes and a little “leg”.  SO.. I told them, “okay, that was good.. lets do it one more time” this time, I had Neil hold the back of Amy’s dress, and now with Amy’s hands free.. had her hold up her dress (and that also made it even easier for her to walk along).  I gave the flowers to Neil to hold because I thought it would be cute, and I did not want his free hand just flopping around.  They started walking, and about half way down the path I tell them to FREEZE!, I yell (and I mean I am laughing, and yelling myself) to Neil, “don’t move your foot, and pull her in for a kiss on the cheek!” he does, and they start laughing (because I am also laughing) and I get the shot I wanted.  Notice too.. that when I said “freeze” that I stopped based on Amy’s stride.  Her camera front leg is crossed over the other, and this is a very flattering pose for her.  Whenever I “snap a pic” of a women walking, I always pay attention to her legs.  When the one leg is crossed over the other, this is the most slimming position to take the image.  Oh, lighting was tricky.. I actually had to have my assistant “track them” while they were walking with the studio light.  I had to really, really pay attention and time my shots correct, as the studio light has to “recycle” power from shot to shot, and that takes about 2 seconds.  This shot is the album cover. 

You can check out their full wedding on my blog here.


Location: 4013 South Douglas Rd Coconut Grove , FL 33133.