Wedding Pictures at Epic Hotel
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Wedding Pictures at Epic Hotel

Thinking about all of the Wedding Pictures at Epic Hotel that I have taken, this is one that I wanted to showcase and talk about.

Whenever I have a group of guys all together on the wedding day, it’s great to get a shot like this.  Something that shows love, and support for the man getting married.  Here, I took Mark placed him near the window and then took all of the other guys and “built” them around him.  I let them go and joke around, and I am adding to the fire by saying things to spark reactions, and emotion.  This is actually a really good example of HOW I use my own personality to get some of the shots that I do.  In fact, you can check out this video right here and see what I am talking about:

The #1 thing that I "sell" to all of my wedding clients is my personality.  This needs to be the very first thing anyone considers when hiring a wedding photographer.  The way that I work is pretty interesting.  I start with a basic "frame" or "pose" which.. some may think is too stiff (and I agree) HOWEVER, this is all part of the magic.  From there I then inject my personality on top of it, and then it "relaxes" whats going on a bit, and it then becomes very candid and natural (because at this point it is).  This is my style, and how I work!


Location: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131.