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Upstate New York Indian Weddings

I am from Vermont and spent most of my life there.  In 2008 I moved to Miami, FL for a job that I ended up hating and in 2010 I started my photography business.  Never in a million years would I think I would ever get to photograph Upstate New York Indian Weddings!  But, here I am!  This was just one of thousands of shots taken over the 5 days we were in Upstate New York for this incredible Indian Wedding.

For this shot of Ruby & Shire on the wedding day, we walked over to this stunning castle structure that was near where the ceremony had taken place.  The “tones” in this shot are what make it so nice.  I have used my lighting in a very directional way (camera left) and have selected a background that compliments the red colors very well.  I took several different shots of this setup, but I ended up liking this one the best because it fully shows the location (castle) and because it was taken at a pretty good distance, I have instructed my clients to just have a nice kiss.  A funny little detail that I thought was interesting was how I placed the flowers on a rock over on the other side of the frame.  I saw that rock there, and was like "humm.. lets give this a shot" and loved how it all turned out!

You can see a few more previews from this wedding here on my blog.


Location: Upstate New York.