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My stunning bride Sarah, and her maid of honor finalizing the back of the dress at the Boca Resort.  Again, (for me) it’s all about having that lighting in control.  I have adjusted the curtains to allow “some” light into the room, but not to “flood” the room with light.  I have then, shown Sarah where she should stand, and then I just sit back and let the moments happen.  So, while I have a great deal of control on “how” the images come out, I am also letting for free moments to happen all through out the day.  I basically just “set the stage” for moments to happen.

This is very important to understand.. things are NOT all just posed.  They are loosely setup, and as I am taking pictures I am finessing things here and there to ensure everything looks as great as it can.  I would argue that ANY bride wants their photographer to speak up, and offer direction in order to make them look their best.  Am I right?  I think we all have enough shots of ourselves with phones, and from others so on the wedding day it's nice to get some direction from a real pro who knows what to look for.  Sadly, I don't feel most Wedding Photographers are "pro" at posing, and they offer very little in that regard.  vs. this is one of my biggest strengths, and hopefully that is conveyed all throughout my work.


Location: 501 East Camino Real Boca Raton, Florida 33432.