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One of my personal favorite South Florida Weddings.  This image has been in my portfolio since 2012, and remains in one of my sample albums that I still show clients today.  Could this be any more perfect?  I had the wind flowing with the veil, I had rolling hills (which is hard to find in South Florida Weddings) and I had perfect lighting, not to mention some of the best looking clients a photographer could ask for LOL.

People often ask me.. are all of your client's required to be models?  I want you to know that this is not the case at all.  I guess it's just the style of my work, and what it seems to attract overall.  No matter who you are, what you look like I will make you look even better in my shots.  That I can tell you 100%!

Natalie & Jose on the wedding day.  This was shot out on the golf course, in mid day nasty sun.  Trust me, it was not a pleasant condition to be working in.  It was hot, and very, very “bright” outside.  I was able to control the lighting here by way of a VERY powerful 1100 watt strobe camera left, on a boom stick held by an assistant.  I then, had one of the bridesmaids come along and help hold the veil so that it would look like the wind was taking it (it was not windy).  I love this image, because of the clean, concise composition and beautiful light.


Location: South Florida.