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Pullman Hotel Miami Wedding Photos

A Pretty shot of Katie on the bed at the Pullman Hotel Miami, before she puts on the dress.  It’s a little sexy, and a very unique way to show her, the flowers, the dress and her “getting ready” outfit.  In an album, this type of shot does very, very well and that’s what I wanted to illustrate here.  A part of my thought process when I am out in the field goes beyond “what’s in front of me”.  Practical application comes into play as well, and I often think.. HOW is this shot going to matter, or be used.  I am always looking for more creative ways to photograph wedding detail shots, and different unique ways to pull them all together.  This shot is a nice idea, and an example of a way to do this that is very meaningful to the bride, and less about some "static" detail shot alone sitting on a table or chair (which is what most wedding photographers do, because it's easy for them to do).  This does not make it right, best, or what "should be".  I think BECAUSE all photographers shoot detail items this way, it becomes the expectation of the clients, and then it becomes this circle that goes round, and round.  I do the best I can to try and break that cycle with my style, and more impactful shots that matter more.

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Location: 5800 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126.