Cooper Estate Ceremonies
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Cooper Estate Ceremonies

The “Grotto” at the Cooper Estate.  This is where they have the actual ceremony.  I think it's safe to say Cooper Estate Ceremonies are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen!

This was an evening wedding, and I love the candle lighting.  This was a capture from my camera, and I just love how there is a tiny space between their lips, and camera left we have maid of honor, and the child all gasping in excitement.  I remember this wedding like it was yesterday, and it was a blast!  One consideration here was the lighting. It was VERY dark, so having a plan was very important here in terms of lighting.  You can'y see it.. but, I am actually using some remote lights far off in the distance to help control the light that hits the subjects.  It is what is creating that back lit effect on the brides veil, and is really helping to keep them separated from the background.  Once they started to walk back down the isle, I had another network of lights all ready in place, and at the flip of a switch I activate them to ensure I get sharp, well lit shots of them coming back down the isle.  All of this is a "dance" that has to happen and can be very tricky to manage.

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Location: 14201 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33032.