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Las Vegas Portrait Photographers

Although I live in Miami, FL I am happy to call myself one of the Las Vegas Portrait Photographers.

Let me explain...

I woke up one morning grabbed my phone and started scrolling my Instagram feed. I came to some really impressive images that were taken out in the desert, and I instantly was filled with envy. Rather than just ignoring this and going about my day, I decided to take action. I sat down and made a video for my Instagram Story. I explained how I wanted to fly out west to Las Vegas and make a trip to shoot some stunning images in the desert, and with the rocks. I was filled with passion and so very motivated. A few hours later I got a DM from one of my past clients, and she said that she would love to go with me and shoot with her Berta wedding dress again!


This was incredible! But, this was just the beginning!

As the days went on, I got more and more interest. I ended up getting a few other models to attend this trip (both local to Las Vegas, and one I have known and worked with for years here in Miami). This now had turned into a multi day shoot with a verity of looks, and locations! The last thing that would make this trip complete, was for me to teach at the same time. So, I put out an invite for a workshop out in Las Vegas, and two of my "followers" responded and came out! We all had the best time, and were there for 5 days creating stunning images. This was, and will always be one of the best trips I have ever taken.

Here is a quick 60 second preview from our full hour long behind the scenes video on how this shot was made!

and.. if you would like to see the FULL 5 day trip episode, you can see that here:

Location: Boulder City, NV.