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Wedding Day Formal Shots

A nice shot of the bride and groom with her parents. I’m showcasing this because it is reflecting my own personal interaction with them, and this is very unique with me.  My style is to “set them up” (pose), take a few shots.. and then let my personality do the rest for some “real” moments within the posed framework.  This then offers the very best results.  It's actually brilliant when you think about it.  You see, everyone needs some type of direction.  This is a fact.  

100% of the time at weddings, my clients will look to me and think "what do we do now".  So, to avoid that and to "keep the ball rolling" I don't give them that chance.  Instead, I take control and "make it happen".

In this case, notice the little details of this shot.  Notice that the hands are all well placed, and interacting with one another in the frame.  They are all leaning towards each other like they love one another.  Lastly, they all are giving a true, honest, smile for the camera.  This simile was the personality I was speaking about.  If you watch the full version of the behind the scenes video we made, you can actually see me live direct them, and see exactly what I am talking about.  I see formal shots taken all the time from other photographers... and rarely do I see any that are worth posting in a gallery of best work :-)

You can actually watch me in action at this wedding, and I have included a video below that is a 60 second preview of the full 30 min. episode.  You can check all of this out on the full blog post over here.


Location: 1500 Manakin Road Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.