Downtown Tampa Hilton Weddings
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Downtown Tampa Hilton Weddings

I'll be totally honest here and tell you that I have only one experience with Downtown Tampa Hilton Weddings.  But, that one time was enough for me and I am ready to go back anytime!  The hotel was very central, easy in and out, and close by to some other really nice shooting locations (some of them reached on foot).  So, good going there Downtown Tampa Hilton! Weddings here rock!

Now, onto this very unique dress capture.  This was taken in the hotel room with the girls all getting ready (more on that here in this video.. see below)

But, regardless I "had to make it work" and I did.  This dress is not "hanging in the window" because it was not going to work like that in this situation.  So..... what else?  Well, I decided to shoot it directly in front of all the girls getting ready in the bathroom!  LMAO.  That's right!  I hung the dress on the bathroom door, and had my assistant stand in the bathroom with a light, and I got this amazing shot.  Just take a look at this shot!  Look at the detail, the texture, the dimension and the "mood" that I have created by using some imagination and technical ability!

Perhaps I get more excited about some of this then my clients.  I showed the back of my camera screen to my bride, and she said "oh, cool" LOL..  She had NO IDEA what the alternative would have been.  This shot taken in ANY other way in that room would have been a nightmare.  This was me "pulling a rabbit out of the hat"  I am not saying this to brad, or to sound overlay accomplished.  The reason I say this, is because once your in these situations all the time, you start to know and understand the limitations we have to often overcome.  It's more then hard to say the least.  So, then results like this can surface from a situation that was far less then perfect.. its a big deal.

Downtown Tampa Hilton

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