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Funny (and true) story...  We (myself, assistant and bride, with her mom, and girls) were all in the elevator at the Boca Resort on our way to valet to get the car for the ceremony.  I look over at one of the stair cases, and saw this mirror.  Admittedly we were all in kinda a rush, but I wanted to see if I could quickly snag this shot!  I convinced my bride to humor me, and lets give it a try.  She stood on the stairs, and my assistant used his light, and we did 3 shots.. and this was the one that we loved the best.  I showed my bride the back of the camera as a way to say "see.. I told you" LOL, and she was very happy.

This is SUCH an important message to both clients, and photographers that I know watch what I do.. You have to be able to take some risks on the wedding day.  Yes time is always NEVER in your favor, but you have to make things "work".  You have to think, and act fast, and with confidence.  (you also have to be right more then your wrong).  Yes, the wedding would have been fine without this shot.  BUT, its a lot better with it.  If you sprinkle in some of these shots here and there at every wedding.. pretty soon you have a unique portfolio of work like I do, and this is what its all about.  Notice.. I am not talking about the other 900 shots I gave her on the wedding day?  Yeah.. why?  Because THAT'S the expectation!  THIS is not. so THIS is what I show, and want people to hire me for.  Let's face it.. anyone can go to a wedding with a "nice camera" and take shots.  It takes a bit more to compete at my level, and this is something worth talking about, because it makes a big difference in the end.


Location: 501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432.