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I think the jury is still out on what are the Best Miami Churches.  But one thing I know, is that it does not matter when you get shots like this! 

I can’t honestly remember if the shot (above) was taken by me, or my assistant.  It may have been my assistant.  Either way, we are on the same page LOL.  RAW, emotion in the car arriving at the church with dad.  I have several albums where I show the "story" of the bride arriving at the church, getting out, and being walked in (generally with dad), and then right down the isle.  It's one of the most powerful moments of the wedding day.

Funny, it took me both being married AND having kids to fully understand this concept. At the time of writing this, I have a 5yr old.. and I cant wait till the day he is married.  I am going to cry myself LOL.

I wanted to show this shot, because I want people to know that I capture EVERYTHING.  Yes, I show all the shots that are hard to "pull off" or are unique to my style, but that does not mean that I still don't get all of the "little" moments all through out the day :-)

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Location: Miami, FL.