Tampa University Wedding Photos
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Tampa University Wedding Photos

Let me tell you this.. Tampa University Wedding Photos are among some of my very favorite of any that I have taken, and I am going to show you a few right now.

Let's start with this one of my beautiful bride Samantha.  We had just left the Downtown Tampa Hilton from the getting ready, and were setting up for their "first look" to happen here at the Tampa University.  This was my first time here, and the funny thing is that some client's worry that "oh, if he has never been here before he might not know where to get the good shots" THAT is so far from the truth, and the shots I show from this wedding is proof of that.  In fact, I would venture the other way.  The fact that I DON't always have to shoot in the same locations day in and day out allow me to be inspired by new places such as this, and I will see them in a much different way then what "everyone else" will, and arguably may render a better result.  Here I started with the SUN.  It was bright, and very harsh out.  So, I used it behind Samantha, and it made for a nice halo around here.  I was sure to select a darker background to ensure she "pops" and separates from the background, and then I used a 400ws light held by my assistant to get the flash to match that of the sun, and in the end I get this radical result that is sure to fit in with any other magazine ad.  Oh.. wait..  this was a wedding day!  LOL.  You get the idea.

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Tampa University

Location: 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606-.