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Biltmore Outdoor Wedding Miami

I am featuring this Biltmore Outdoor Wedding Miami shot because It looks, and feels like some type of commercial ad for a magazine.  Why does this matter for a wedding?  Well, this image speaks to my abilities as a photographer and how I can leverage off camera lighting to my advantage.  A lot (dare I say most) other wedding photographers really struggle with lighting.  Most of them "hide" from this, and say they are "natural light photographers" which boxes them into a category of not knowing.  They try and sell to brides that using all natural light is best, and this is far from the truth.  While all photography can be very subjective (and that's a good thing) it still stands that light is light, and a photographer should truly understand how to leverage light to their advantage regardless of the situation they maybe faced with out in the field.  For example, in this shot I would never have been able to show the deep blue water of the pool in the background if I were to use natural light.  There would be no real contrast to the shot, and my subjects would not "pop" out of the frame as they are here.  So, there are a ton of advantages to hiring a photographer that actually understands lighting, and how to leverage this on the wedding day.

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Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.