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Best Tampa Wedding Photographers

I hope that after seeing many of the shots I have taken you would consider me to be one of the Best Tampa Wedding Photographers out there.  If you want to see more, please check out this full wedding here on my blog.

This is 1 of about.. 15 shots of the same thing.  But, this is the one where I joke around and get them to actually crack a real smile   So, it starts out with them looking at camera (get the “safe shot”) and then I play with it, and get the “real” shot. This is how I approach most of the day, and it’s apart of my “frame work” that I talk about all the time.  You can see a real world example of this here in this video of me working with the guys:

This shot was taken just outside of the Downtown Tampa Hilton Hotel, and it was a beautiful day.  I used the sun as a heavy back light to my shot, and then matched the exposure value with my own powerful lighting in the front.  Together I get this very controlled, polished, and balanced shot.  This, in combination with some compression from the long 200mm lens that was used, makes this a real show stopper.   

So, in the end you have my personality, and the technical skill set all coming together to make the end result.  The image.  


Location: 211 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602.