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Breakers West Wedding Photographers

I envy all of the Breakers West Wedding Photographers out there!  Being able to shoot on a regular basis in a place like this is a real dream.  Just LOOK at this place!  This was taken right after the ceremony, and it was pretty dark.  We used a golf cart and drove over to the other end of this amazing long bridge and I had my client's walk along hand in hand.  I also had my assistant tacking them with a light!  This way I could retain the exposure that I wanted for the background and not effect the light on my subjects.  The tricky thing about this shot was getting the light on them and NOT spill that light everywhere on the ground or the bridge AND keeping the light source far enough away without being in the shot.  I actually had to use some gaffers tape, and make a "snoot" to wrap around the speedlite.  This basically made the beam even tighter and more focused.

All in all, what I like about this shot is the fact that was was very "setup" in some ways, and very natural in other ways and that makes for a net result of really nice!  This is the type of shot that would look incredible printed and then framed on a wall.   You just gotta love the Breakers West Country Club.


Location: 937 Dickens Pl, West Palm Beach, FL 33411.