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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

From the moment I saw this image appear in the viewfinder of my camera... I knew, this was going on the front of my website :-)

Your looking at one of my past brides (Rita). She flew with me from Miami, FL to Las Vegas, NV for a workshop that I was teaching in the desert on lighting. She brought her stunning Berta wedding dress and we rocked it out in one of the most amazing, epic, photographic places in the country. The Valley Of Fire! This park is just breath taking, and is about a 90-min drive from Las Vegas.

Before we could shoot there, we needed to get commercial permits and tour the entire property (which took a full day), but the reward was well worth it. Because we did all the "homework" and research, we knew exactly what time we needed to be there for the best shot, the best time for the sun, and exactly what the composition would be. This is that result, and it was a big, big team effort. It was myself, production assistant, his wife, makeup, and two workshop students. It took everyone's help to pull off images like this!

You can see a special sneak peak preview of Rita's shoot (behind the scenes) below! It's so cool, check it out!

Then, you can see the full 5 day movie here (hour long).

Location: 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040.