Unique Wedding Photos in Miami
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Unique Wedding Photos in Miami

When it comes to truly Unique Wedding Photos in Miami, I think I take the cake.  Here is one of them.

We were driving along the road, and I look over and said.. "Hey, I think this will be a nice spot!" With my clients in the car behind me we pull over, and hop out.  (pressure on too) and they were a little skeptical considering we were entering a construction site.. but, I told them "trust me, it's going to be great".  sure enough soon we had this, and many other incredible shots from this location.

This is a pretty impressive image, and it works even better when printed, and viewed BIG.  There is more detail here then you may notice looking at it smaller.  This (in my head) was all about white, on white, on white.  The subject (bride) was wearing all white, my background was white, and the foreground was also white. Proper exposure was key here, and using some of my lighting really gave me the control that I needed to get this type of result. Danielle (bride) was very happy with this image, and has become one of her all time favorites.  Every time I see this shot.. it's like a punch in the face of contrast and beauty.  I am so happy we took the risks that we did, and went out of the "norm" comfort zones.


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Location: Miami, FL.