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A shot of my bride Stella, in what I think is one of the most unique wedding venues in the USA.  You can check out the full blog post here to see more, and read about this unreal wedding.  For this shot, I wanted to show the back of the dress and the amazing room.  I wanted to “hold on” to the “dark power” that I felt when we were in the room so I shot this all natural.  If you watch the behind the scenes video from this wedding, you will see exactly how I got this shot, and why I am considered one of the Best Virginia Wedding Photographers.  Here is a 60 second preview of that video (full video on the blog post referenced above)

I also wanted to mention that this shot, was apart of a "pre wedding shoot" (details in the full video).  Basically when my bride flew us up to shoot the wedding, she booked us for an extra day so that we could have lots of time to get all of the styled shots that she knew she wanted, and that she knew I was capable of producing.  We had so much fun, got so many incredible shots and was well worth all of the efforts.

I hope more brides consider doing shoots like this in the future, because it really does make a big difference when you merge images from a shoot like this with the wedding day images!

Location: 1500 Manakin Rd, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.