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Milan Wedding Photographer

My bride had originally wanted to get ready at a hotel in Milan, Italy and then travel over to Lake Como (where the ceremony, and reception would be) and I begged her not to do that. The issue was time. It was 90-min away, and in Italy the driving is very tricky at times. So, she agreed and decided to use parts of the hotel to get ready in. It would then be on me, to figure out some creative shots since we were not able to "get a room". Well.. I think I did okay LOL. I found this little "cove" behind the main lobby desk (out of the way), and decided to use it to frame this elegant, yet sexy shot of my bride and the dress.

This photo conveys SO much more than what you think. You see it as a nice shot. However, this photo represents the master planning that went into her wedding day, and all of the logistics that needed to be inline SO THAT, we would even have a fighting chance for creative shots like this. This is what I bring to the table in addition to just being a "photographer". , and this means everything!

Be sure to check out this 60-second preview below of our trip, and behind the scenes video!

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Location: Villa Cipressi Hotel- Varenna - Como Lake Via IV Novembre 22 23829 Varenna (LC) - Italy.