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Here is a shot that I am willing to bet will challenge most Boca Resort Wedding Photographers..

After Sarah, and all the girls were ready we stepped outside at the Boca Resort and I found a little space where the light was just… perfect.  At times, photographers can be “seduced” by a location and not see the “light”.  For example, arguably there was better “backgrounds” somewhere at the Boca Resort to use for some shots like this.  However, the light was not.  In photography, I have been very successful in finding the best light, and using that to leverage the best shots.   This is far more important then allowing a “location” dictate where a shot should happen.  So, here (above) and (below) the images have a gorgeous back light that was created from the sun.  This is what I needed.  It evokes a fun, warm, and loving emotion.  Lighting for the (above) image was assisted by a bare bulb flash camera right and the one just below was all natural light as they walked.  It’s also worth noting that in the walking shot, I had found a spot in the pavement that was not in shadow, and this was very bright.  This patch of road was just barely in front of the camera frame.  This acted as a “natural reflector” and was bouncing light back into the girls.  THIS is what dictated where I was going to have them walk, as I needed some fill light on them

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Location: 501 East Camino Real Boca Raton, Florida 33432.