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Royal Caribbean Wedding

Who out there thinks that a Royal Caribbean Wedding has to look like a cruise ship?

Well.. look again.  Your wrong!

I absolutely was FLOORED on how stunning the Allure Of The Seas cruise ship was, and even more so just how accommodating this was for a wedding.  I found many more places to get creative shots then any of the "normal" hotels that we generally find ourselves in. I was also was really taken back by just how incredible the entire staff were to work with.  It's a fact, that ALL the people (guests too) are all just in a better mood then in normal everyday life, and this greatly helps with the wedding dynamic on the boat.  I really felt like a kid in a candy store, and I was on a mission to create the best possible results, and I was aiming to make the best results that the boat has ever seen.

Regardless, I would NOT recommend the Royal Caribbean's "included photographers".  They just are not capable, nor have the experience or advanced technical abilities that someone like myself will. (if they did they would be working on their own).  Instead they are forced to follow a protocol on the boat, and this is about as least creative as you can get.  So.. use caution if you think your getting a good deal in your cruise package because it comes with photography.  Remember, there are "button pushers" and then there are people like me. This is not me trying to say I am the best.. this is me telling it how it is, and being totally honest with you.

Hire me for your cruise wedding, and I WILL take it to another level!


Check out this 60 sec video recap of our wedding trip!

and.. here is the FULL 18 min episode:

Location: 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132.