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Wyndham Grand Jupiter Wedding Photos

In the shot before this one, I showed some other Wyndham Grand Jupiter Wedding Photos and they were of the same bride (Jamie) with her stunning Berta wedding dress.  This shot shows the back side of that super sexy dress. Be honest, have you ever seen anything so elegant, detailed yet.. so sexy in a wedding dress?  I have not, and I have seen more wedding dresses then you have!  LOL.   So, I really wanted to showcase this as best as I could.  

The artistry of being a wedding photographer has very, VERY little to do with the end result images.  In fact, I will say that it has nothing to do with it, because this is only what you get to see.  This is the product of calculated creative thinking in the field.  THAT is the art form, and photography is just the tool in which I showcase that.  Make sense?  So, when you look at an image like this.. you may think “looks nice, great shot”.  But in reality, this was done in 10 seconds after the first look in the same hallway that you will see below.  I needed a new location, and I needed it to look totally different AND we had no time to move anywhere else.  So, the creative gears start turning.. and here we have the result.  A 10 second thought turns into a shot that will be forever remembered, and looks stunning by anyone’s standards.  THAT’S the artistry of wedding photography (for me). and I love it!


Wyndham Grand Jupiter

Location: 122 Soundings Ave, Jupiter, FL 33477.