Church Wedding in Miami
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Church Wedding in Miami

I will NEVER forget this Church Wedding in Miami.  Ever.  Why?  Listen to this story...

Right after the ceremony we headed back outside, and took some shots of the couple outside of the car (not this shot), and then we rolled our gear back to my car and were getting ready to drive off.  I noticed that the fancy car was not moving, and we pulled around in front of it, to see what the matter was.  It had a hard time starting, and the driver was working on it.  I got out, and happen to notice this composition of them from the back of car.. and then quickly, un packed my gear, put my hazard lights on and stood in the middle of the road to get this shot. by the time I was done, the driver had the car started, and all was good again!  LOL.  Talk about a story!  It was incredible, and the entire time the guy was working on starting the old car I kept my clients happy, and kept making content for them.

Now, it goes without saying that the REAL reason I stopped was to make sure they were okay, and to give them a ride back to the hotel if they needed it.  But.. everything ended up working out anyway.:-)

Lighting here was an "Ice Light" placed inside of the car, held by the groom.

Be sure to check out the full wedding day here.

Location: Miami, FL.