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Hilton Key Largo Wedding Photos

This photo may come as a bit of a surprise to some who perhaps are searching for Key Largo Wedding Photos.  LOL.  But, I think it's a pretty creative (and sexy) capture.  I love it, because it's not a shot that "most" brides would dare do, or feel comfortable doing in front of their photographer, so hopefully this is a testament to how comfortable I am able to make people feel around me.  This is my personality at work here, and is SO important to the end results that I show.

Here is what happened.. 

One of the “most fun” brides I have ever worked with.  She was in the bedroom trying on her shoes, and at the same time the flowers came.  I said, “you should lay back, and kick your feet up while smelling the flowers”.  and she did. It made for a unique shot that shows many of the details “with meaning” (if you have been reading along throughout my gallery, you know what I mean).  So here.. I got shoes, flowers, and her final makeup all in one fun, sexy, capture.  Now, of course I also shot all of those images “statically” but, this was the more meaningful shot by far.. and this is what ended up in her wedding album.  I would love to have more brides entertain some of my ideas on the wedding day.  You will also get the most from what I am capable of delivering :-)

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Venue: Hilton Key Largo.


Location: 97000 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037.