Best Hotel Colonnade Weddings
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Best Hotel Colonnade Weddings

One of the Best Hotel Colonnade Weddings that I have shot was the one with Melissa & Leo.  This shot was very fashion forward..  let me explain a bit more.

Yeah, you can relax.. I am never going to “make you” stand on a table in the middle of a busy hotel lobby and ask you to give me your best pose.  LOL.  Or will I?  So, the deal here is simple.. I had an idea to create a very “interesting” shot, and was pretty sure it would be worth giving it a try.  I’ll be honest, sometimes things don’t work out, and that's okay.  This time , that was not that case.  This shot looks like a fashion ad.  Melissa, on the high from all the energy we had going on while shooting was pretty flexible to do anything I said.  You have to understand (and appreciate) that as a busy wedding photographer that attends so many weddings, and all in the same places there comes a time when I just want to “break the mold”.  Here it is.  Risky, bold, and stunning.  I broke the mold on this shot, and I am so glad that I tried doing something that was a little crazy.  Lighting here was nice and simple, one octa bank camera left, and very “directional” for the main.. and no other.  The “baseline” in the camera was set for the hotels light (top of the picture).


Location: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.