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It’s clear when you search around the internet that there are a handful of really talented Quince Photographers in Miami.  While I consider myself one of them, I would like to take a moment and explain a little bit about my style.  I feel the more that you know about me, and how I work the more you may understand why I just might be the best Quince Photographer in Miami ๐Ÿ˜Š


My style is very vibrant, and high contrast.  This is because of the advanced lighting techniques that I employ on the sessions.  The lighting makes all the difference in the world, and is the backbone to my style.  It’s all about control.  When I arrive at a location I need to know that no matter what, I can over come it.  If it’s sunny I can control the ambient with my lighting, if it’s cloudy I can make the images pop and look amazing, if it’s raining I can use the lighting to freeze the drops to make styled shots like no other, regardless my lighting and technical abilities as a photographer are second to none in Miami.

I am also sponsored by some of the best lighting manufactures in the world, and this ensures that I am always at the cutting edge of technology, and frankly…just like a “kid in a candy store” excited to run out and play with all of my toys.  This is a really important thing for you to know about me.  I’m not some weirdo with a camera and a sick obsession (it’s scary what’s out there!)  I am a notable Wedding Photographer with one of the most refined styles anywhere in Miami, and a reputation spanning across 8 years of full time work with hundreds of clients (a good look all through my site, and blog and you will see that for yourself).  A Quince Photo shoot in Miami is where I get my break from the weddings and get to go and create something different without the timelines and rules accompanied by a wedding.  I point this out, so that you can hopefully relate with this mindset, and understand WHY I get so excited for sessions like this.  So, in some ways this is some of the most exciting photography that I do.


When I play the role of a Miami Quince Photographer, I tend to get my inspiration from areas in life such as music videos, fashion, and commercial advertisements.  There is always a little part of me that wishes I had gotten more into editorial work, but this would have required working with agency’s and playing the “game” of that world.  That’s not for me!  I prefer to deal direct with my clients and brides, so rather then trying to “do it all” I focus my efforts on being who I want, how I want.  This has a great benefit to you when looking for the Best Quince Photographers in Miami because it means value!  The level of execution, and refinement that I bring to my work is right on par for any large commercial production shoot, and this would normally cost thousands of dollars.   It’s because of that passion for that specific style of photography, done at that specific level that gets me going, yet I charge competitive rates in spite of the fact what I do is way more involved then any of the sessions your likely to have with other Quince Photographers in Miami.


Here are a couple of videos showcasing some of what you can expect from my Quince Sessions in Miami, and what the results will look like.  This video also will give you a nice idea on what the working dynamics are like when working with me in general.  You can get a good feel of my personality, and what the “flow” is on the Quince Sessions.


The last aspect I want to touch on as a Quince Photographer in Miami is based on expectations.  One of the main reasons I am so passionate about educating people is because I see a lot of things in the industry that can be very misleading, and this generally will at some point lead to someone not being totally happy.

Here is the prime example of what I am speaking of… deliverables.   So, you see a bunch of polished, impressive shots on a Quince Website, and think “I want that”!  You get excited and contact that Quince Photographer.  You go, and have the session and then learn that out of the 500 shots that were actually taken, you’re only going to have one or two that are “polished” like the ones you saw on the website (and this will likely cost extra).  The other 499 shots look like any other ordinary shot that anyone else could also do.


Well, this is because most of the Quince Photographers in Miami really are more of “artists” and less of “Photographer”.   They are not experts on lighting, they don’t show up with the commercial grade productions as I do, and they are like most people where they do the best they can in the field, and then they get back to the computer and have to then go and do massive edits to make the photos LOOK great.  This is the problem with an “over the top” style, that many show.  Perhaps this is just the “artist” mindset, and I guess there is nothing wrong with that if your goal is to have only one really nice edited shot.  But, common sense (and years of experience) has shown me that people want ALL of the images to look amazing.

In walks me.. A totally different type of Miami Quince Photographer.  Now, things are totally different.  ALL of the results are manufactured IN THE CAMERA!  There are no gimmicks, there are no “special effects”, and there is nothing else to buy after the fact.  You get ALL of the shots, and they ALL look amazing, and totally consistent.  This also means the turnaround time is just a day or two at most. Why? Because I am not having to do any of the gimmicks that the other Quince Photographers in Miami do.  My work is done in the field, not behind the computer.

So when your looking at all of the Quince Photographers in Miami (or anywhere) think about this, and you will soon realize that it is an art of distraction.  If someone can graphically produce something “eye catching” then they are likely to be seduced by the end result, and not think about anything else.  A key thing to look for when searching for a Quince Photographer in Miami is the Photographers blog.  This will show you more then just one image from the same session, and this is a good indication on what you can actually expect from a session.  If they don’t have a blog, then I would ask them to send you several examples, or a client proofing gallery where you can see EXACTLY what you will be paying for.  It’s common sense to be able to see what your buying, and a photographer needs to be able to speak to this.  Understanding the points I have made here will help ensure that your expectations are in line with reality, and that no matter who you choose to be your Quince Photographer in Miami you will be happy ๐Ÿ˜Š