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A beautiful moment captured on the wedding day at the wonderful Boca Resort in Palm Beach, FL.  In this shot we have Sarah (bride) and the flower girl along with the ring bearer.  We were waiting for them to be picked up by their parents (they had went to go get the car) and I took this opportunity to get a few shots of them together.  Here is that result.

I just wanted to point out, that shots like this are very easily missed on the wedding day.  If the kids had gone with their parents to get the car, this never would have happened.  If the hair and makeup process had been delayed.. this never would have happened.  Lastly, it took me to "see" this shot in my head, and to realize the opportunity in the first place.  I just as easily could have said "Okay Sarah.. we will meet you at the church" get in our car and go.  I wonder how many other wedding photographers would have done that?  Something to think about for sure.

Lighting here is very surprising.  This was all done with two speed lights "ganged" together camera right, bare blub.  You don't always need a "soft" light to make soft results.  The reason I am able to "cheat" the lighting rules here was because of the lighting ratio.  It was about 80/20, and 80 was the ambient.

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Location: 501 East Camino Real Boca Raton, Florida 33432.