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Up The Creek Farms Wedding Photos

This was the first time I got to work at the Up The Creek Farms, and I can't wait to go back because all of the Up The Creek Farms Wedding Photos that I took came out amazing!  Let's take a closer look at this one...

I was walking by the getting ready room in this amazing house / venue.. and looked in at the bride.  I thought to myself “hum.. I could shoot right through the doorway and make nice use of this room.  All I need is for the people in the background to move for 2 seconds.”  SO..  I grabbed my assistant, placed him off to the left for lighting, and then I did a few “test shots” when no one even knew what I was doing.. and then, I asked the bride if she could put on her wedding shoes (might as well make it a little sexy), she did.. and then I politely asked the other people in the back to move for a second..  and I clipped this shot out.  I think this was a very clever idea, and more to the point makes for a shot that you generally never see.  This is another good example of my "style", and how I try and make things that you normally would not see at a wedding.  So, while to the untrained eye you may see this and think "meh, its a cool shot.. but, I don't see what the big deal is"  Try and find one like it from any other wedding photographer.  That's the idea here, and my focus.  It's about creating content that is really unique.

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Location: 3590 Valkaria Rd, Malabar, FL 32950.