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Boca Resort Wedding Photographer

I have only been to the Boca Resort twice.  I hope to go back again soon, as there is so much there I would love to spend more time and shoot.  In this case, I had some clients that were referred to me by another photographer who could not shoot their wedding (he was going to be a “groomsman” in this wedding).  Just before the wedding, they gave me a detailed “shot list” of “must have” shots to take on the wedding day.  This is a topic all in it’s own, but I will cut to the chase and tell you that it’s generally not the best idea… for many reasons.  Well, long story short after I took all the shots that they thought they wanted… I then said “okay guys.. real quick, lets try this” I then took my assistant and placed him behind the stairs with a powerful studio light, and got my clients to “humor me” for 1 min.  I placed them on the staircase, and simply had them smiling at one another.. being very careful to leave a little space between their heads (so they won’t blend together). and I got this shot.  This image, was so much more impactful, and artistic then anything else they (or anyone else) could have “told me” to do.

Do you want me to tell you a little secrete.. This couple did not like their wedding photos, and did not like this shot.  In fact, they complained about everything.  It just goes to show, that what you see, and think and what I see and think could be two very different things.  Perhaps they did not spend enough time on my site, and blog to truly understand all that I do and provide.. and wanted a different style of images.  I have no idea.. but, I am sure it won't be the last time someone is un-happy.. the goal that I have is to ensure expectations are always inline with reality, and I take that pretty seriously.  Here is a video that I made that speaks to some of this..

(please excuse the sunglasses.. LOL).

Location: 501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432.