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Hotel Colonnade Wedding Photos

I love the Hotel Colonnade, and even more then that I love looking at Hotel Colonnade Wedding Photos (the ones that I took LOL).  Here is a nice example...

During any wedding “we” as photographers are always shooting some “detail” shots.  Dress, Rings, Shoes, etc..etc.. and I think that is fine, and of course can look incredible.  However what I feel is truly best, is to capture the details “meaning”.  What I mean for example.. is while a static dress shot (see in my other images) with the lighting is impressive, and very artistic and extremely eye catching. It is just a “static shot” shot of a wedding dress.  I am sure the dress designer loves it.  However, for Julie it makes more sense to also have a shot that brings her into it.  The shot above, shows that in a very elegant, and chic way.  

Now, I am showcasing the dress.. and Julie is the secondary as she is looking down and not making eye contact with the camera.  Arguably in an album, this would be the winning shot.  Both versions are great (and I take both), but one is much more “meaningful”. and just makes more sense when you start to consider the "practical application" of the photos.  If you have two photos on the table in front of you, and you need to pick one for an album.. one is JUST the dress in the window, and the other is the dress AND you.. which would you pick?  I take both in the field, but you get my point?

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Location: 80 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.