Best Virginia Wedding Venue
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Best Virginia Wedding Venue

Dover Hall is hands down one of the very Best Virginia Wedding Venues.  In fact, I will go and say I think it's one of the most unique wedding venues anywhere in the USA.  Here you will see an image that was very creatively executed.  I wanted to show off one of the closets (yes that room is a closet), and my "vision" was to make my bride appear to be a little, toy, doll.  I wanted to make this a very dramatic looking shot so the lighting plays a huge role here. I used one off camera studio light camera left, way in the rear of the shot (behind the door).  This did two things at the same time... 1. it lit her from the side (creating dimension and mood) and 2. it bounced off the wall in front of her, and provided the "main" light on her face (along with lighting the whole room a bit).  So, I guess that's three things LOL.  In any case, this makes for a very high contrast shot that is very impressive.  In terms of the overall composition, I wanted to be sure to shoot from outside of the room.  This gives the image a great scale effect, and further dimension.  I was also able to make her appear "smaller" overall by doing this and really helped "sell" this very unique concept!

You can actually watch me in action at this wedding, and I have included a video below that is a 60 second preview of the full 30 min. episode.  You can check all of this out on the full blog post over here.



Location: 1500 Manakin Road Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.