Allure Of The Seas Weddings
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Allure Of The Seas Weddings

I am always looking for something unique and different, and here it is.  Check out this styled shot I did.  This was an Allure Of The Seas Wedding and it was incredible.  My wonderful clients not only paid me to shoot their wedding, but also to be on this 7 days cruise with them.  This was an incredible trip and you should see the video we made to recap all that happened! 

There are two versions:

Allure Of The Seas Weddings 60-sec recap

and then.. the full 18min episode!  That video is here:

For this shot I wanted to showcase the boat, and some of the amazing architecture it featured.  This bridge in front of the elevators did the trick.  I used my studio lighting, and did the whole setup in about 2min.  

I was also very impressed with the entire crew from Royal Caribbean.  They never gave us any trouble, or resistance at any point during the trip.  They supported all of my creative ideas, and were a real pleasure.  I would love to do this again sometime!

I know that to some, the concept of a wedding on a cruise ship may seem like a either a bad idea, or and idea that is not to be taken too serious.  I am here to tell you, you are wrong!  Very, very wrong.  It's an amazing time, we get to know our clients even more, and we get some creative shots that you never would see anywhere else in the world.

Location: 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132.